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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a Surprising New Feature

So, it appears a roster filled with exciting new characters won’t be the only thing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch will offer. That’s right, a new streaming service will be available in the newest entry that allows you to share your greatest battles, or maybe even your worst ones, to a certain platform.

This new feature and service is called “Smash World”. Not a whole lot is known about it except for the information provided.

It’s apparently a mobile app too, so you won’t be limited to what’s only on your console. This is for sure a step up and a surprise but, should you be after all the unique features the console has already? Not to mention how Nintendo is being more involved in the mobile market?  I think not. I wouldn’t be surprised if the app made it easy and fun to share your playthrough on social media and various other platforms.

The service, however, won’t be available until sometime in 2019. Let the waiting begin.

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