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The Future of Social Gaming Lies In The Hands Of Discord

Recent news has announced that Discord may be coming to the Nintendo Switch soon, so what does that mean for the online gaming community?

We all know that the Nintendo Switch is still a relatively new player in the industry, and it still has a lot of room to grow. Its release was shaky, people hate its graphics, and there still aren’t a lot of titles under its belt. In other words, the gaming console has a lot to do to prove itself. Enter Discord, the gaming app that has revolutionized online interaction as we know it.

Reception to this app is on the complete opposite side of the praise-spectrum. Not only is Discord the app of choice for a myriad of gaming communities, it has also come to be the home of internet fan culture as a whole. In fact, if you’re reading this right now, chances are you already have it and / or practically live on it.

The app’s popularity has soared ever since its conception in 2015, immediately taking out well-known competitors Skype and TeamSpeak (as they ever so humbly brag about on their website).

So why aren’t companies tripping over themselves to include this app on their devices?

As of now, I believe there are two viable explanations:

1. Partnerships

Once again, Discord is still new to the scene. While that isn’t to say it hasn’t made a name for itself just yet, it mostly means that significant companies have already partnered up with the channels that preceded it. Take for instance Microsoft and Skype. The latter bought the telecommunications company for around 8.56 billion USD back in 2011, four years before Discord was even on our screens.

Microsoft certainly hasn’t closed the doors on Discord just yet, however. But while they’ve allowed players to link their Discord profiles to their Xbox Live accounts just last year, that’s still nowhere near the kind of support Skype has on the Xbox. It’s unfortunate, but Discord has to play victim to the trial of time.

2. Personal plans

As has already been established, companies not being quick enough to jump on Discord shows they are hesitant to do so. Hesitancy in any corporate agenda shows that other things are being taken into consideration – like plans to make an app of their own. Nintendo has worked to include messaging applications of their own in their software, but each attempt has met little to no success. I mean, let’s be real. Did anyone really use the Wii Message Board?

Discord has the benefit of having a near-monopoly on internet communication, but the same cannot be said of other devices. Whatever the case may be, they may need to reconsider their business strategies. As it currently stands, Discord isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

There’s no denying that Discord is superior to pretty much every single messaging app in the market right now. It’s actually pretty easy to use, functionality makes for a more personalized and hassle-free experience, and has the best in-game overlay of all gaming text apps. There’s no denying it – the future of social gaming is Discord.

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