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Top 3 Best H.P. Lovecraft Games That You Should Totally Play


One of mankind’s greatest fear is fear of the unknown and the unimaginable horrors that hide in the darkest corners of the Earth. Monstrosities that cause sane men to drown in madness from the mere sight of it and the fear of the unknown plagues many individuals because of the uncertainty that stalk within it. H.P. Lovecraft knew this fear far too well, so he wrote many influential horrifying stories. His most famous and influential works are Call Of Cthulhu, At The Mountains Of Madness, and The Shadow over Innsmouth. While his type of horror, abtly dubbed Lovecraftian, hasn’t translated to film too well, it has made a comfortable home with video games.

I endure many survival horror games that were influenced by H.P Lovecraft’s work. There are three horror games that truly capture Lovecraft’s work. Without further ado, here’s our Top 3 Best H.P. Lovecraft Games That You Should Totally Play.

3. Call Of Cthulhu [2018]

One of the few surprises of 2018, Call Of Cthulhu by Cyanide Studio, is an adaption of a role-playing game of the same name. You take the role as a war veteran Edward Pierce, a private detective hired to investigate the Hawking’s family mysterious death. While investigating, Pierce encounters an unknown cult with a devilish agenda and forced to face cosmic horrors. Each new lead Pierce gains brings him closer to the edge of insanity.

Call Of Cthulhu may not be blood-curdling like the next two entries, but it still excels in many aspects. The atmosphere is very engrossing and it’s accompanied by a well-composed eerie soundtrack. The story does stay true to H.P. Lovecraft’s work and makes a great introduction into the Cthulhu mythos. While the main character is mostly a blank slate, the other supporting characters are intriguing. Call Of Cthulhu is a defiant pick up if you are a fan of cosmic horror or your curiosity of Cthulhu mythos has peaked.

2. Bloodborne [2015]

Some gamers play for fun, while others play to get brutally pulverized until they love it. From Software so far has delivered exceptionally well-made games that pit players against impossible odds. Their Dark Souls franchise receiving high critical praise and beloved by many fans. However, Bloodborne stands out as one of their more unique installment.

Bloodborne is an action RPG set in Gothic, Victoria era-inspired Yharnam. The once peaceful inhabitants are infected by the Blood-borne disease; causing them to go mad. The player must traverse the mad world to unravel the mysteries and end the nightmare while fending off horrific monstrosities. H.P Lovecraft’s work makes Bloodborne’s word very unique. From normal everyday citizens going insane to monsters that defy human’s understanding the laws of the world. I highly recommend picking this up if you’re up for a challenge and immersive subtle story.

1. Dead Space [2008]

Dead Space centers around space engineer, Isaac Clarke, arriving at a seemingly abandon mining space ship to re-establish communications and talk to his long missed girlfriend. However, a simple repair mission goes horribly wrong. Gruesome monsters called Necromorphs ambush Isaac and his crew. Separated from his crew, Isaac must venture through the infested ship trying to escape, save his girlfriend, and uncover the truth about an ancient alien artifact called the Marker.

Developer, Visceral Games, had created master class horror games. Dead Space is easily the best H.P. Lovecraft inspired game. The monster designs look human, yet unfamiliar. The atmosphere is a nightmare has that came to life. Its sound design sounds very organic and haunting. The gameplay was a game changer as you have to strategically dismember your foes since typical headshots won’t put them down.

This action is all topped off with an intriguing mystery and a well-polished gem that deserves everyone’s time. Dead Space is the best example of doing H.P. Lovecraft horror, so go pick it up if you want the best experience, but be careful . . . in space, no one can hear you scream.

Hope you enjoyed our Top 3 Best H.P. Lovecraft Games That You Should Totally Play. If we missed any, please comment down below.

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