Turns Out Fallout 76 Has A Closed Off Developer Room

Over and over again, Fallout 76 has been thrown under the bus by fans. Most of which saw this game as a massive let down to what it could have been. Sadly, Fallout 76 went against just about everything Bethesda had previously been known for. This includes their dedication to developing single player experiences nearly exclusively. One room, which was an interesting room to say the least, could be found in Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

This room was the Developer Room.

The room acted as a place for all objects found within the game to be stored. It’s not uncommon for fans to discover a secret area that they were not supposed to find or a chest that wasn’t supposed to be opened. But, as gamers, we tend to enjoy pushing the envelope. We even try to break the game and see how far we could go. It’s just a gamer’s nature.

Good ‘ol Reddit.

According to a Reddit thread, the room is an in-game area which – as of right now – can only be found on PC. The Developer Room also contained unreleased items and content that the general public should have known about. Such content includes paint jobs for Power Armor.

While it may be awesome to check out the Developer Room for yourself, I’d advise you hold off. Due to the cheating nature of accessing the room, Bethesda are issuing bans to players who step foot into the Developer Room. Reportedly, players are notified via the email below.

The use of “tell us how you did it or you’re suspended” is kind of a crumby thing to do, but it is their game and obviously Bethesda don’t care what you think of them. However, as noted above, this is only reportedly what happens.

Fallout 76 players also noticed an interesting figure in the Developer Room. The figure was – of all things – a human NPC with the name “Wooby” attached to him. Though, you probably shouldn’t get you’re hopes up about NPCs coming to Fallout 76. Odds are Wooby was used for weapon practice.