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Twitch And Their Double Standards For Streamers


As time passes on, Twitch grows more and more popular. The platform allows anyone to stream gameplay and lets anyone with an internet connection watch them.

However, just like any other platform, it evolves. In Twitch’s case, this is the addition of allowing streams to be non-gaming and put into categories. These include the IRL (in-real-life) and Just Chatting. Streamers like Sodapoppin and tyler1 who started their Twitch careers playing World of Warcraft (Sodapoppin) and League of Legends (tyler1), began expanding their content by just chatting with viewers. This type of content is very popular on Twitch and for good reason. It allows streamers to just hang out with their fans. It allows fans to get to know more about their favorite streamer. But does this type of streaming come with a cost?

Many popular Twitch streamers only began to grow since the IRL and Just Chatting abilities on Twitch launched. Examples include: Amouranth, ZombiUnicorn, and HelenaLIVE (who Twitch banned for spreading extreme toxicity on the platform). Some have labeled them “Twitch thots”, a term referring to streamers using their body to bring in donations. Oftentimes, these streamers wear clothing that breaks Twitch’s Terms of Services, but they are never banned. However, when a man wears clothing that is even slightly revealing, they are almost instantly banned.

This was the case for World of Warcraft streamer PilavPowa. I learned about his ban from YouTuber It’sAGundam.

After getting his hands on World of Warcraft Classic‘s beta, he pulled his shorts down slightly on stream. After of which he celebrated, still in his underwear and his shorts were still mostly up, but Twitch could see a bulge. This was seen as sexually suggestive by Twitch and they gave him an indefinite suspension. Almost immediately, Pilav and his fans called foul. They labeled the ban as hypocritical, as well as calling it a double standard.

I agree – there are several female IRL streamers who wear EXTREMELY suggestive attire and nothing happens to them- even if they break ToS. Some have even labeled this “female privilege”. While I understand that a bulge showed and it broke ToS, you cannot allow female streamers who wear much more suggestive attire to get away with it.

I believe Twitch is involved in “selective banning”. In controlling every aspect of their site, they see these female streamers as an easy way to bring in money – and they don’t want to hurt their cash cows. Thus, the streamers get away with pretty much anything and usually only get a small suspension.

However, this is just my opinion.

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