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Twitch Prime Offers Free Year Of Nintendo Switch Online


Amazon is offering a year free of Nintendo Switch Online for Twitch Prime members. If you do have a membership to Nintendo Switch Online, the perk stacks on top of your membership. This means if you just a bought or repaid for a whole year and you get this perk, you won’t have to pay again until 2021.

This announcement was a bit shocking as most of the Twitch Prime perks were geared toward PC players. Perks for Prime members usually include things like in-game currency for games like Fortnite and Apex Legends.


For those who – somehow – don’t know what Nintendo Switch Online does, it acts as a subscription to play online and get some goodies here and there like older generation games. Normally, an individual membership is $20 a year, but with this Prime bonus, you can snag up a whole year, free of charge. You know, except for the Twitch Prime fee.

To redeem this deal, you have to – of course – be a part of Twitch Prime, redeem the first three months, and following that, if you’re an active Twitch Prime member for a total of sixty days, you will be able to get the next nine months. This all seems unnecessarily complicated, but it’s fine, it’s still a year of Nintendo Switch Online.

It should be noted, the perk is only eligible to people with individual plan, not a family plan.

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