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Twitch is Going to Shut Down Game Store

Last year, the monolithic game streaming platform; Twitch had launched its own game store. This system was created to generate more revenue for their streamers by allowing viewers to buy games and in-game content right off the site and a streamer’s profile.

We are discontinuing this feature to invest in other ways to help you obtain games and in-game items directly on Twitch while supporting streamers – including through extensions on Twitch like Amazon Blacksmith, which allows viewers to supports streamers through purchases of games and other items

Twitch’s goal was to provide extra monetary gain to its streamers, however, it wasn’t giving enough extra income to the users it was targeting. So, they chose to shut it down. The heart was there, in their defense but, the use among users wasn’t enough.

There’s no need to worry, the loss of the platform doesn’t mean you can’t access purchased properties. This includes full games and DLC. Games purchased on the service could be played via the platform’s desktop app. Though, Ubisoft titles could be played through Uplay. If any Twitch Crates go unopened by November 28, they will be automatically opened.

The storefront was added back in April 2017. This feature allowed viewers to buy off Twitch and support streamers they cared for. The service will go offline on November 27 this year.

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