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Canceled PSP Horror Game Ushiro May be Getting Revived

It appears that Ushiro, a canceled horror game might be seeing the light of day thanks to Nintendo’s eShop. Ushiro was a game in-development by Level-5, the same people that created the Professor Layton games and Yo-Kai Watch.

Originally, the title was going to release on the PlayStation Portable but, that never came to fruition. Now, it seems as though Level-5’s Ushiro will be coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop instead.

The game puts you in the shoes of a young protagonist who can interact with spirits in modern-day Japan. The game has more than just fictional places for the player to visit, real-world locations are featured as well.

Nothing is completely official, it’s all speculation. This wouldn’t be surprising on the console since Nintendo has been pushing the Switch to appeal to other demographics. It is important to note that the rumor stems from a teaser from a Famitsu article that could mean a revival of Ushiro or a revival of another series that hasn’t had much activity in recent years. I’m sure more will come when the next issue of Famitsu releases this Thursday.

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