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Verizon And Amazon’s Gaming Service Is Eye-Rolling

Famous phone provider, Verizon, and online delivery, Amazon, are creating their own game streaming service. Where gamers can stream their favorite games on their computer or phone. A feature that no one asked for and is a waste of time. Honestly, it feels like they jumping on the bandwagon because everyone else is doing it.  Google is developing Project Stream. Microsoft has Project xCloud. Sony currently has PlayStation Now. Many other companies are developing their own streaming service. Verizon and Amazon seem like the oddballs out. Though Amazon does own Twitch, so at least Amazon isn’t entirely out of the loop.

Companies like Microsoft, EA, and Sony are justified since they develop games and want their own service to advertise/sell it without paying other parties. Verizon is primarily a phone coverage company. Where you can select a phone plan that fits your needs and price range. Amazon is an online delivery system. Where you can get reasonable prices and fast delivery. They are needless branching out into uncharted territory for them. They could start developing their own exclusive games, but that’s highly unlikely.

The Verge reports that Verizon’s gaming service already has early alpha testers using the Nvidia Shield set-top box. Verizon Gaming will make its way to smartphones, eventually. They did get a quote from Verizon’s gaming team.

This trial is primarily focused on performance. At a later date, when we advance the product, our library will consist of most or all of the top games you are familiar with — but at this early stage we’re working on the engine and its parts.

The Verge’s article didn’t go into details on how Verizon Gaming will differ from the competition.

Little information is provided about Amazon’s game streaming service either. The only little information provided is by The Information. Amazon reached out to publishers to help them with this adventure. Verizon and Amazon have no plans to release their new service until 2020 at the earliest. Again, no information was provided on how their service differs from their competitors.

The pool of gaming services is filled to the brim and there is no room left for them. They didn’t provide any exciting teasing information to make gamers moist. I pridict both services are going to be lightly tacked onto their already bloated services. Why be the master of one when you can be slightly adequate in all traits?

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