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Watermark Found In Kingdom Hearts III – Who’s Arnold?!


Keen Kingdom Hearts III Reddit users have found a watermark hidden within Arendelle (Frozen’s world). While the game has been in development a large chunk of time made sure everything was perfect, but even the best games miss something every now and again. Watermarks are not too common in games since they can break immersion, but never the less they seep their way into them every now and again.

This watermark, weirdly spelling out the name “Arnold”, stems from Maya. Maya may come with Arnold, but an entirely different license that isn’t bundled with the program is required to create a batch scene.

If a computer is to render a batch to create a scene, a watermark will appear if it does not have or cannot detect an Arnold license. Odds are the license was very briefly inaccessible and with the nature of how long the watermark stayed on screen, they must have missed it. It doesn’t help that a lot of flashy things happen during the sequence.

Now, you know the answer to who Arnold is.

Kingdom Hearts III is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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