We DO NOT Support G2A.com

We are writing this community message to you to ensure you that we will not be working with companies that sell game keys, in-game credits, and overall websites associated with undeniable and unresolved controversy within the gaming community. Recently, the website G2A reached out to certain writers that don’t write for us, but for gaming news websites asking for the ability to publish a article labeled “Selling stolen keys on gaming marketplaces is pretty much impossible” and passing it off as unbiased. That is not the case.

When selling these keys, you risk legal consequences because if that key you bought is stolen, you can be charged with a crime depending on where you live. We do not want to see that. We care about you. Rest assured, we will not work with such sites. PixelBay advocates for YOU, not any key marketplace. We advise you NEVER use websites like G2A and if you do, we advise you to stop now.


PixelBay Staff


This message was written by journalist, Avery Vianna.

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This message was edited and approved by founder / editor-in-chief, Gabriel Stanford-Reisinger.

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