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YouTube App Comes to Nintendo Switch

If you followed the rumor of YouTube coming to the Nintendo Switch, we have some news for you. You can now download the YouTube app to the Nintendo Switch and stream videos. Uncovered by a user on ResetEra, the rumor showed what seemed like a screenshot of a suggested app for user on Nintendo’s official site. The leak indicated today would be the day the YouTube app would release and sure enough, it has.

The app comes with the bells and whistles you expect: it plays videos, lets you search, and subscribe to channels. With a lack of major releases, this was probably the best thing for Nintendo to do, it gives people a reason to not put down the Switch entirely. Even though other consoles – and even some TVs – hold the capability to watch YouTube, if you’re wanting to watch a video, but don’t want to use your phone for any reason, this is an easy alternative.

The release of the YouTube app would make the second big-name streaming platform on the console, only surpassed by Hulu. The Switch fully supports 360-video with the viewer using the left JoyCon to control the camera. It also mostly can be used as a touchscreen in window mode. The only thing from stopping it being fully touchscreen is you cannot move up and down to control the app. That’s kind of a bummer, but Hulu runs without touchscreen support at all, so this is a step up.

The YouTube app can be downloaded today and only takes up 89MB of memory.

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