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Update to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Leaked

Updates for the Yu-Gi-Oh! mobile game Duel Links has been leaked and fans are as perturbed as a teenage girl getting grounded from her iPhone. These updates mostly involve the addition of new characters that will begin their introduction on September 25th.

However, what’s pissing off Duel Link fans is obviously not the introduction of new characters but rather some modeling with the game’s gem system. Fans of the games want to receive gems when they reach level 30 rather than a skill, but this isn’t the case. That’s not even mentioning that players will be losing 1550 gems for 5D’s characters, this makes these characters more costly than they are truly worth. For those who don’t play Duel Links, this all sounds nonsensical, but these updates, or lack thereof, are highly important to the fanbase.

Take a stroll through Reddit’s r/DuelLinks forum and you’ll find comments from agitated fans. “Disappointed, but not surprised,” from Vector7707 and “You should know Konami never gives us what we want,” from Guccicel.

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